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Julie Vaid: Who Am I And What Do I Write?

Julie Vaid
Photo by Francis Photo Company

Hey there! I'm Julie Vaid and this is an intro to me. Welcome to my writing journey! As with most authors you'll talk to, I've been writing since I was a kid. It's always been a passion of mine and now that I'm an adult who can do whatever she wants, I decided to do something with that passion. Because what's life if you're just stuck working 9-5 and going through the motions every day? If I don't get these stories out there, I will definitely explode. And we can't have that, now can we?

But anyway, who am I? Well, I'm glad you asked! I'm originally from the suburbs of New York City. I went to college in upstate New York, so you could say I'm a New Yorker through and through. After college, I moved down to New Jersey, where I started working as a pharmacist. I also met my now husband in New Jersey, and we still live there today with our many, many animals. Please enjoy these pictures of my two cats, Zuko and Pepper, as well as my two Boston Terriers, Pixie and Blue. They're adorable!

Onto the writing! What do I write? Who is my target audience? For starters, here's a break-down of the age ranges and categories that I write in:

Young Adult: Features a protagonist age 12 to 18. Often covers topics of relationships, identity, and love. Think coming-of-age stories.

New Adult: Features a protagonist age18 to 30. Emerging category between Young Adult and Adult, which is not officially recognized by most traditional publishers. Often covers relationships, emotional growth, and leaving home.

High/Epic fantasy: Set in a magical world apart from our own with separate rules and laws.

Features one main hero that the story follows. Heavy on world building and character building.

Science Fiction: Speculative fiction dealing with imaginative concepts of what the future looks like. Explores the consequences of social, scientific, and technological innovation. I like to put a dystopian spin on it.

In general, I would categorize my books as adventures in their respective genres. There are some side plots of romance in a few books, but never any smut or heavy focus on romance. Things that are in my books include: strong female main characters, found family, fighting against discrimination, good versus evil, elemental magic, and, of course, vast worlds (with maps). I'm still writing and exploring what stories I want to tell, so I'm sure that list will keep growing. I'd like to branch out and discuss a wide range of topics through my stories as time goes on.

My goal is to give my readers a grand adventure that has them wondering what's going to happen next. I also believe there should be more strong female protagonists in fantasy adventures, so don't be surprised if most my books feature that. It doesn't always have to be men saving the day, am I right? Let's have them work together to save the day. But anyway, I'm really just here to have fun. I'm writing the stories that I want to read, and I hope you guys will like them too!

In addition to writing, I enjoy hearing about the journeys of other authors as well. I believe we can all learn from one another and improve our crafts. To this end, I started the Behind The Writer Podcast, where I interview other indie authors. It's been an incredibly fun experience and really normalized all the author struggles I've gone through. Definitely recommend listening for anyone looking to get into writing/publishing, or just want to hear some behind the scenes from their favorite authors!

If you want to follow along with what I'm up to, I plan to post on this blog whenever something fun happens. Whether it's reflecting on my latest publication or giving an inside look at my creative process, I hope to add an extra layer here to the work I put out. Feel free to let me know if you'd like me to talk about something here!

Happy Adventuring,


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