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The Mercenaries of Ice and Shadow

Calgonian Realm Book Two

New Adult Fantasy Adventure

If the world turned against you, who would you seek? 

The Mercenaries of Ice and Shadow have but one goal: aid those facing peril, no matter the cost. 


Years after the Assassin Guild War, the Mercenaries, led by Casey and Noriko, continue to focus on helping those possessing the power of darkness. Though the power is no longer as rare as it once was, those possessing it are no less persecuted and discriminated against. Attacks, disappearances, and even murders have become part of normal life for people with dark power. The Mercenaries stand as their one unfailing ally.


When the Mercenaries find themselves targeted by the most obstinate anti-darkness organization, Casey and Noriko must journey to uncover the truth behind the persecution. Through unlikely allies and twisted battles, the duo discover how deep the pain of those possessing darkness runs. Will Casey and Noriko be able to find the source of the persecution in time? Or will the power of darkness die out with all those who possess it?

Praise for The Mercenaries of Ice and Shadow:


"Just like the first book, there was cover to cover action that had my adrenaline pumping. The use of elements in not just the action scenes but in their everyday day to day was beautiful." - GoodReads

"I love the found family in this series. The characters in this series are so brave and loveable. I love the way they all look after one another. . . " -GoodReads

"I love this series and it is so good to see Casey and Noriko together again. . . I love the action in this novel and I still really enjoy all the elemental magic." -GoodReads

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