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An Element of Darkness

Calgonian Realm Book One
New Adult Fantasy Adventure

If the truth could kill, would you seek it?


Casey Callow, a prestigious member of the Protection Guild, has her sights set on understanding the rare power over darkness plaguing her country of Calgonia. In a land where everyone possesses an ability over either water, air, earth, or fire, darkness stands out as a dangerous and mysterious fifth element. But darkness is not the only thing plaguing the country. Rival to her own guild, the Assassin Guild poses threats to Calgonia with its less than moral undertakings. 


After the estate of the esteemed Onendilo family is ravaged by darkness, Casey soon discovers the Assassin Guild is more sinister than she once believed. She finds partnered with the enigmatic ex-Assassin, Noriko Ondendilo, as she works to uncover the truth of the Assassin Guild and its connection to darkness. 


Through trials of trust, love, and humanity, Casey and Noriko strive to save those closest to them from falling into the clutches of the Assassin Guild. Can the duo uncover the plot of the Assassins in time? Or will the Assassins’ use of darkness consume all they know to be true?

Audiobook Preview

An Element of DarknessNarrated by Dana Searing
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Praise for An Element of Darkness:

"An Element of Darkness is a story filled with adventure, action, and magic. The characters are intriguing and their elemental powers are a unique addition that adds to the action throughout the story. The world building is well done with the characters traveling to various locations throughout their adventures. The magic system is creative and plays out beautifully on the page as characters wield their powers." -Judge, 31st Annual Writer’s Digest Self-Published Book Awards.

"I would recommend it to anyone looking for a well thought-out magic system and well written and edited content." -GoodReads

"All the other characters you meet along the way, you just fall in love with and want to protect."  -GoodReads

"Casey is such a wholesome character, reminding us that no matter how much darkness there is, you can always find light." -GoodReads

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